What are the summer outfit essentials for men in 2023?

Summer is about to begin and temperatures are soaring. Time to take a close look at your wardrobe and upgrade it. Of course, in doing so, you want to capitalize on the latest fashion trends without having to compromise on comfort and sheer class. A tip of the hat: the color palette that is incredibly popular consists of earth tones. Ideal, because these colors are excellent to combine. What are the essentials that make for the summer outfit for men in 2023? We would like to take you through this.

Light Beige Voyager Slippers

The summer months are the months when you enjoy sandy white beaches and stroll along the promenade. Previously, the footwear suitable during these activities was very limited. You chose a loafer, an espadrille or it became a fashionable sandal. Aurélien thought it should and could be different. Why make a choice when items can be perfectly combined? That's why our iconic Voyager Loafer was redesigned, but without the back. With this new model, called the Voyager slipper, you are in tune with the latest trends (and frankly, you may be a trendsetter), combining craft with a "Mediterranean" style. Of course, the footwear is expertly crafted from supple suede and luxuriously lined with smooth leather, as you have come to expect from Aurélien. The Voyager slipper is the ideal companion this summer during a lovely walk along the coast or lovely days spent on the beach.

White Linen Seaside Shirt 

Another clothing item that should definitely not be missing from your wardrobe is the Aurélien Seaside shirt. With this clothing item in your possession, you are doing good business to meet the summer outfit for men in 2023. The Aurélien Seaside shirt not only looks stylish, it is also a sophisticated option during warmer months. This is because it is made of breathable linen and has a spread collar with facings. These ensure that the collar stays put when you wear it open. The seaside shirt is the perfect item when you want to go for a casual look during the holidays, soak up culture in a beautiful city and look fashionable or go out on the sea with a beautiful Wajer and protect yourself from the sun. In short: whatever activity you have planned this summer, with a linen Seaside shirt you have an essential, guaranteed to give you a shot at the summer outfit for men in 2023.

Beige Linen Seaside Shorts 

It is often only really summer when shorts emerge from the wardrobe. Nevertheless, the choice to wear shorts is not always obvious. For example, surely the mercury must reach at least 20 degrees and the sun must be more than present. In addition, shorts or shorts are certainly not appropriate during every occasion. Nevertheless, we believe that with shorts you can definitely take your summer outfit for men in 2023 to the next level. When properly combined with your other clothing items, shorts can even result in an informal yet classic look. With this in mind, Aurélien developed the Seaside shorts made of breathable linen and a comfortable drawstring waistband. Wear the shorts with a lightweight polo shirt or linen Seaside shirt and you combine craft with a timeless look. Aurélien's bermuda shorts are slim-fit and perfect for sunny days.

About Aurélien

Aurélien is a fashion brand with a strong focus on timeless style, artisan craftsmanship and the finest natural materials. Aurélien's collection is characterized by pure luxury at an affordable price. In Aurélien's collection you will find footwear, clothing and accessories by customers who have developed a very fine taste. Aurélien products embody joie-de-vivre and are developed from the most sought-after materials.