Customer Service



Try on your purchase in the comfort of your own home. Shop comfortably, knowing that our return & exchange policy is easy and simple. You can choose to make an exchange or return items for refund or store credit. 

14 Days returns & exchanges period

The return shipment must be initiated within 14 days of receipt. Return shipping time is not taken into account. 

Return shipping is FREE if returned within 2 days after receiving your purchase.

When returned within 2 days, shipping costs will be refunded to you once we receive your package.

Between 3 and 14 days, return shipping costs are at your own expense.

When returned within 3 and 14 days, the expenses of your return will be credited of your next order(s).

Purchase a return label and arrange a drop-off or pick-up at attractive rates.

When making an exchange we always ship the new product to you for FREE.


Please ship products back to us in the state and manner you would wish to receive them. 

Items should be returned new, unused and with all Aurélien tags still attached.

Provided branded boxes, branded dust bags, hang tags and cards should be included in your return. The packaging is part of the product.

Shoes must be tried on on a carpeted surface until you are certain you are keeping them.

Swimwear must be tried on over underwear. 

Send all items you wish to return from an order in the same shipment so that we can process the return as quickly as possible.

Important information: 

We reserve the right not to accept a return if the item shows signs of wear or is used or altered from its original condition in any way. In this case, we may not reimburse at all or may reduce the amount of the refund or exchange accordingly. Unacceptable returns may be sent back to the customer at the customer's expense. 

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Exchanges in The Netherlands

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