How do you wear Driving Shoes/Loafers?

Loafers and driving shoes are timeless. This characteristic shoe returns every summer. Putting the shoes on quickly and barefoot naturally plays a part in this. It is the ideal shoe for a wonderful day at the beach or strolling along the boulevard. Driving shoes can even be casually worn to dress down a suit. We are happy to explain how best to wear driving shoes or loafers.


How do you wear a loafer?

If you want to dress completely according to the traditional rules, you will have to step into the loafer barefoot. It is important that you roll up the trouser legs a few centimeters. Wearing the trouser leg in this way will give your loafer the elegant look you are aiming for.

 However, you would not be the first one that prefers wearing loafers with small, invisible sock for enhanced comfort. Aurélien’s Invisible Terry Towelling Socks are the perfect solution for a shoe that is tricky to wear with socks. These socks do not rise above your shoe and prevent discomfort on your feet due to transpiration.


Combining loafers with outfits

Loafers come in different models, shapes and materials. Which shoe is best combined with which outfit? We are happy to answer this question for you.


Suede Driving Shoes

This shoe was originally designed to make driving classic Italian cars easier. Naturally, the driver's choice of shoes could not negatively impact the rest of his tasteful outfit. The sole of the driving shoe originally had a striking profile, that ensured that a driver could easily keep the grip on the pedals. Moreover, the driving shoe often has decoration on the top. This can be in the form of a tie or leather band.The suede driving shoes are often featured in more casual outfits, especially in spring and summer. 


Aurélien's Suede Driving Shoes

Aurélien's men's moccasins symbolize 'Mediterranean style' and ultimate comfort. The shoes are made with great care and completely by hand in our atelier in Italy. In addition to the timeless Sienna shoe, Aurélien offers over 15 other colors. Combine the driving shoe with a leather belt to complete your outfit.


Yacht Loafers

Of course, a shoe must first of all be comfortable, yet the looks are certainly not unimportant. The Yacht Loafer scores very high on the looks. The Yacht Loafer is characterized by its minimalistic look, lacking any unnecessary detail and addition. The sole of the shoe is not only extremely suited for on the boat, but also ensures that the shoe does not appear too formal. This makes the shoe ideal to combine with a casual outfit, in lovely sunny weather. Do you want to look a bit more formal? Then you can consider combining the Yacht Loafer with a Linen Polo Shirt, or naturally: with a crisp, Linen Shirt.

We advise you not to opt for a screaming color, but an adjustment of your trousers. Roll up the trouser leg so that the Yacht Loafer is clearly visible.


Aurélien's Yacht Loafer

The Aurélien Yacht Loafer is completely handmade in Italy. The shoe has a fresh summer look. Due to the elegant shape, the shoe fits perfectly with a dressy outfit. The Yacht Loafer is a perfect shoe for almost any occasion. The Yacht Loafer from Aurélien is available in over 15 different colors.


Seaside Loafer

The Seaside Loafer is the shoe for summer days. A comfortable, fine shoe for a wonderful day at the beach or strolling along the boulevard. Unlike other loafers, the Seaside Loafer can easily be combined with shorts and a matching polo. Would you like to look a little more chic? Then you can combine the Seaside Loafer with linen shorts, or chino pants and a shirt. Note: do you like to roll up the trouser leg? Then make sure that your ankle is not visible when you are standing.


Aurélien's Seaside Loafer

The Seaside Loafer by Aurélien is a luxurious interpretation of the iconic espadrille. The lightweight moccasins are made from silky soft suede and have an espadrille braided rope sole. The shoes are completely handmade in Italy and are extremely comfortable.