Modern, Contemporary and Realistic, Aurélien is reinventing traditional luxury.

Aurélien is the first luxury fashion brand with realistic prices. Aurélien's products are made in the same factories as the most well-known designer labels. By cutting out middlemen and having the chain from product design to consumer almost entirely in own hands, Aurélien is able to eliminate the high mark-ups of traditional retail. For this reason, Aurélien can offer the highest quality products for the most unconventional prices. With regard to value-for-money in the high-end fashion industry, Aurélien is one of a kind. 

We happily invite you to read more about what the Aurélien franchise system can offer for you.


The Aurélien stores are in prime locations, either in shopping centres, buzzing coastal locations or in city centres. In order to display our collections, stores have dimensions which make it possible to maintain the interior design, image and product display criteria we have designed in order to create a pleasant environment in which customers can enjoy the shopping experience. 

We believe that today it is the experience that defines the success of physical stores. The feeling/emotions customers have when touching and feeling the products in combination with the atmosphere and service of the store. 

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Our stores are designed to reflect our ethos of luxury Mediterranean style. For our stores we have two concepts. A coastal concept and a city concept. 

The coastal stores feature warm lighting, light beige wood and a sandy natural stone floor to emphasize our colourful range of products. The city stores also feature warm lighting but are characterised with the usage of slightly darker materials. 

All Aurélien stores should project the spirit of our people and our customers: a luxurious/warm atmosphere, being the result of the harmonisation of space. 

Our team of window dressers, merchandisers, coordinators and supervisors guarantees that all of our stores enjoy the same atmosphere, offer a high level of customer service and are managed in the same way. 

Next to creating the right atmosphere in each store, we know the importance of being cost efficient. As seen by means of our Smart Luxury strategy, being cost efficient is in our DNA. For us it has become more than our mission to maximise cost efficiency; it is our passion. When building up the collaboration towards a successful franchise, we will assist you in optimizing cost efficiency down to every last detail. 


Aurélien is characterised by offering high-end fashion for men and woman at the most unconventional prices. We offer a collection of modern classics. We strive to create products which are timeless, refined and elegant, while simultaneously being safe and profitable for the merchant. Our ambition is to make products to the highest possible standard and to offer true value to our customers. We believe it is this strategy that will provide our long term business success. 

All our products are entirely made in Italy, Spain or Portugal, ensuring durability and unprecedented beauty. 


Aurélien offers its franchise system throughout the European Union and in the major world capitals and cities. The Aurélien franchise system places at your disposal a comprehensive system that covers all aspects relating to product marketing and franchise management. We offer you a "ready-to-go" business so that you can focus your efforts exclusively on maximising your sales. 

Aurélien takes care of all the other aspects:
  • Always up to date with the latest trends.
  • Providing you with a collection that is complete, extensive and varied.
  • Supplying you in accordance to your needs, avoiding possible inventory cost.
  • Carrying out your store's interior design project.
  • Training your sales and management team.
  • Changing your store's window displays design on a regular basis. - Assisting you continuously on item display and sales issues with the help of periodic visits by product and merchandising professionals.


Aurélien's products are made in the very same factories that produce for the worlds most renowned designer labels. To give an indication of the portfolios of our suppliers, our suppliers produce for brands such as: Mont Blanc, Brioni, Canali, Cessare Attolini, Tom Ford, Moschino, Cartier, Burberry and more. 

We also work with many small ateliers across Italy, which are all family owned businesses. This creates a unique value as within these factories it is local expertise passed down from generation to generation. The factory that produces our driving shoes is third generation. We believe that these are the things that give our products a lot of heart and we realize that this is what our customers love. 

If you are missing products in our collection and you feel there is a product that must be introduced in your region we are open to new product ideas or styles. These products can be designed and produced in collaboration with the franchisee.


If you are interested in opening a Aurélien franchise or would like to receive more information, please contact our Expansion Department: 


Wij zijn een Nederlands bedrijf. U kunt ons bereiken voor vragen over franchise via het onderstaande telefoon nummer: 0031654984698. Of email: 


Please send an email to to receive more information about franchising Aurélien in your region. 


Please send an email to to receive more information about franchising Aurélien in your region.