Fashion Trends Men Fall/Winter 2021

It won't be long before warm days give way to rain showers and dark winter months. The temperature drops towards freezing and your summer wardrobe is exchanged for the winter collection. It is important to expand your winter collection with the latest fashion trends. We are happy to take you through the men's fashion trends that should not be missing in your wardrobe in the winter of 2021.

Knitted Men's sweaters for the Winter Season
Are you planning a skiing trip to the Swiss town of St. Moritz next winter? Or are you staying in the Netherlands this year and going for a lovely walk along the boulevard in Bergen aan Zee? Either way, a lovely knitted men's sweater is a clothing item that should certainly not be missed. It is important with a knitted sweater that elegance and comfort are combined. Aurélien's collection of knitted sweaters for men meets both these criteria.

Cashmere Blend Dolcevita Cable Sweater
A sweater that should certainly not be missing in your collection in the winter of 2021 is the cable knit sweater. Cable knit sweaters are knitted sweaters designed with a striking motif and knitted cables. A cable knit sweater exudes pure elegance and Italian life. Aurélien takes this one step further with the Cashmere Blend Dolcevita cable sweater. This turtleneck sweater contains a mix of cashmere and extra fine Merino wool, which gives an incredibly soft feeling. The cable pattern creates a chic, yet cozy look. Attention has also been paid to comfort. The Cashmere Blend Dolcevita cable sweater provides sufficient warmth on a cold winter day. Did you know that our cable knit sweaters are handmade in Italy? The composition of our sweaters consists of 90% extrafine Merino wool and 10% cashmere.

Cashwool Extrafine Merino Zipper Cardigan
Another clothing item in the Aurélien collection, where style is combined with comfort, is the Cashwool extrafine Merino Zipper Cardigan. This item, more than the Cashmere Blend Dolcevita cable sweaterinvites  to combine with other clothing items. A perfect item with which the vest can be combined is the polo shirt. Ideal for a sporty day on the golf course. Did you know that our cashwool extrafine merino zipper cardigan is handmade in Italy? The material used to make the cardigan is ultra-fine Cash Wool. A material that comes from the Australian Merino sheep. The Merino wool is so fine that the fiber has a diameter of only 19.5 microns. The Cashwool extrafine Merino zipper cardigan is a true addition to any men's wardrobe. The item is suitable for both a formal and informal occasion.

Hats and Scarves
No item of clothing in winter illustrates the cold period as well as the scarf and hat. Both items are mainly seen as very functional. However, a scarf or hat is much more than a functional item of clothing. Both are beautiful accessories that can take a men's outfit to the next level. Provided you purchase a stylish product. In the Aurélien collection you will find hats and scarves of a high quality, which are also stylish.

Hats from Aurelien
Are you looking for an incredibly soft hat, then the Aurélien hat is exactly the item you are looking for. Of course, the material plays a major role in this. Aurélien's hats are produced from an incredibly high quality Merino Wool. The fiber of the Merino sheep has a diameter of 19.5 microns. This contributes to creating the perfect look. Aurélien's hats are the perfect gift idea thanks to the festive gift packaging, in which you receive the item.

Scarves by Aurélien
Aurélien's scarves are made from the same material as the hats. The incredibly fine Merino wool ensures that you are assured of the perfect look in the winter months. In our collection you will find scarves in various colors. As a result, the scarf is always a good addition to the rest of the outfit and the scarf elevates your look.

Campaign Boots
A lace-up boot should not be missing in the winter period. This item is ideal for strolling through the snow in the Swiss mountains or for a beach walk along the coast of Knokke. The Campagna lace-up boot is the perfect item for long strolls. This elegant lace-up boot is developed from luxurious Softey suede and lined with soft calf leather or wool. This makes the Campagna boot ideal for a cold winter day and ensures that the feet stay wonderfully warm. The timeless, understated profile makes this boot suitable for every outfit.

About Aurelien
Aurélien is a fashion brand that has a strong focus on timeless style, traditional craftsmanship and the finest natural materials. The Aurélien collection is characterised by pure luxury for an affordable price point. In the Aurélien collection you will find footwear, clothing and accessories for customers who have developed a refined taste. Aurélien's products embody the joie-de-vivre and are developed from the most sought-after materials, such as Cashwool. 

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