Shoes to wear with a suit

When you have a wedding planned, it is important to be well dressed. A suit is a must. When putting together a suit, footwear is often the last thing that comes to mind. Strange! The shoe can make or break your suit. Several choices you have to make relate to the look and color. Namely, are you going for business/chic? Or would you rather create an informal, sporty look? And what colors of shoes are do's and don'ts under a blue or gray suit, for example? As specialists in luxury shoe fashion, we are happy to tell you exactly which shoes are suitable under which suit.

Business attire for men

When the holidays are approaching or you have an important appointment scheduled, it is important that you look tiptop. Business attire for men is a must. Think of a suit with smart shoes. Dress shoes come in different varieties, such as the classic dress shoe with a strap or laces. Have you ever thought of Aurélien loafers, driving shoes or city loafers? These combine comfort with artisanal craftsmanship. One thing is certain: when you combine a suit with one of these models, you create an outfit that exudes pure luxury and craftsmanship. 


Are you planning an occasion where you know it will largely take place indoors, such as a Christmas dinner or a business event? Then loafers are a good choice as a neat shoe under your suit with a turtleneck, for example. Loafers can be combined well as a business or casual outfit. This makes the shoe ideal for endless combinations even after the holidays.

In Aurélien's loafer collection you will find loafers for men and loafers for women. The loafers are developed from the highest level of craftsmanship. Unique details, such as the trendy zigzag edge on the tongue and hand stitching along the nose of the shoes are living proof of this. Aurélien offers loafers in the material types of suede, linen, leather, crocodile and lambskin and the colors: yellow, red, green, white, gray, black, blue or brown.


City Loafers

A similar model to the loafer is the Aurélien city loafer. This model also lends itself perfectly as footwear under your suit. The difference between the loafer and the city loafer? The height of the shoe. Did you know that the city loafers are made entirely in Italy? Just like the loafer above, the city loafer is an excellent shoe for a business activity or a non-daily occasion. A great advantage of the city loafer is that your ankles are always covered. With the city loafer from Aurélien, you will always make the right impression and turn many heads.


Driving Shoes

Another model other than (city) loafer that lends itself perfectly to business attire for men is the Aurélien driving shoe. For example, do you have a wedding on the beach, where you want to look casual yet chic? Then driving shoes are excellent choice as a neat shoe under your suit or pants. Pair them with a linen shirt and you can be sure that your outfit will live up to expectations. In Aurélien's collection, you will find driving shoes for men and driving shoes for women. Our driving shoes combine Mediterranean style and ultimate comfort. A combination of traditional details and a contemporary twist. Pure luxury, that is what the Aurélien driving shoe stands for. For example, the shoe is adorned by a mirror seam on the toe and a lace-up on the instep. 


Which shoes under a men's sporty suit?

May your neat suit get a little downgrade? Then opt for a sporty suit for men. Just like a neat suit, the shoes you wear under a sporty men's suit require attention. Wear sneakers or chelsea boots under a sporty suit for men and make your outfit and look fit for the occasion. 



Do you want to keep your outfit classic but allowed to have an informal, sporty character? Then Aurélien sneakers are an excellent choice to match your men's sporty suit. Because Aurélien sneakers have a quiet character, they are excellent to combine under a sporty suit with a pattern or in a solid color. For the production of our sneakers we use only the best material. For example, we select only the most supple suede and leather available. Go for a colored sneaker for a nice match with the color of your suit or choose a witte sneaker if you want to create more contrast.  

Chelsea Boots

By wearing chelsea boots under your sporty men's suit, you are sure to get compliments on your outfit. The chelsea boots for men from Aurélien are in fact perfect for under your pants. With the chelsea boots from Aurélien, the ankles are always neatly covered. Even when the legs of the pants are just a little shorter than is normally the case. Characteristic of the chelsea boots are the timeless look, the stylish touch and the extremely high comfort. Because of the practical tabs and elastic sides, the chelsea boots are real entry and exit shoes. 


Which shoes fit best under a blue suit?

Have you chosen a dark blue suit and are looking for the perfect color shoes? Several options are possible. For example, choose shoes in a beautiful brown color. This will create a very stylish contrast with the dark blue of the suit. If you want to give the outfit a slightly more youthful, sporty contrast, a white sneaker is the perfect footwear under a blue suit. You may not expect it, but a black shoe under a blue suit also provides an excellent contrast. The hard black color of the shoe combined with the blue color of the suit will soften the color of the suit.


What color shoes match with a gray suit?

A gray suit makes your outfit just a little more striking than a traditional black or blue suit. Again, we can imagine that you are asking yourself the question which color shoes under a gray suit would look best. We will gladly provide you with appropriate advice. Combine a gray suit with a nice dark blue shoe or a chic shoe in a brown color. In addition, a black shoe looks excellent under a gray suit. This will create a calm appearance and business look.


Need help selecting the right shoe under your suit?

Shop your new shoes for under your suit easily and quickly in Aurélien's webshop. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find your right pair of shoes and put them in your shopping cart. That is why we have provided a convenient filter option for our wide selection in our webshop. In addition, we have developed a handy size chart to help you find the right shoe size. This size chart compares Aurélien's shoe with shoes from brands you may already own.

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