Fall/Winter 2021 fashion trends for Women

When the days get shorter and the nights longer, you naturally want to be in tune with the latest fashion trends. Are you planning a skiing trip to the French Alps or the Swiss mountains? There are certain items in your wardrobe that should not be missing. But what are the women's fashion trends for the winter of 2021? Aurélien is happy to take you through the clothing items that will help you elevate every outfit this coming winter.

Cambridge Sneakers
A shoe that should not be missing in a lady's shoe collection in the winter of 2021 is the Cambridge sneaker by Aurélien. Last year's trend to wear a light-colored sneaker in the winter continues unabated this year. The Cambridge sneaker is a real all-rounder! Whether a skiing trip is planned or you want to stroll on the boulevard of Knokke, the Cambridge sneaker from Aurélien offers a solution!

The Cambridge sneaker is characterized by a minimalist, but sporty design. The sneaker has been developed from very soft Italian leather and has a superior construction. The sneaker is made of full-grain leather, has a smooth leather lining and durable rubber sole. The sole has a wave pattern and the Aurélien logo at the bottom. The minimalistic character of the Cambridge sneaker ensures that the sneaker is suitable for every outfit. The Cambridge sneaker from Aurélien is available in the colours: cream, beige, nude, light blue and grey. The shoes cost €165 and are available in sizes 35 to 41.

Aurélien Leather Driving Shoes
If you are a lady who likes to escape the cold in the winter months, wintering in the south of Europe is an excellent option. Marbella is a coastal town where it is wonderful to stay all year round. Strolling along the boulevard or viewing art in the city are relaxing activities. A pair of shoes, in which comfort is combined with beautiful design, is no superfluous luxury. Let Aurélien's leather driving shoes offer a solution here! In our collection you can shop leather driving shoes in different colors.

Aurélien's leather driving shoes symbolize Mediterranean life and ultimate comfort. This shoe is known for its versatility. The shoes are great to wear on a lovely evening out, but are just as easy for a formal dinner, where business is discussed. Crafted from incredibly soft leather, the driving shoes are finished with exposed stitching, a hot stamped logo, an iconic rubber pebble sole and mixes different materials in a casual classic contrast. The leather driving shoes are not only suitable for many occasions. The shoes are also easy to combine with different outfits. The leather driving shoe from Aurélien are available in many different colours. In our webshop you will find the colors pink, tan, port, black, leopard and white.

Scarves and Hats
Clothing items that symbolize winter and should of course not be missing in this cold period are scarves and hats. Two items that give your outfit that little bit extra. A nice side effect of a scarf and a hat is that they provide the necessary warmth. Very handy in the French Alps or Swiss mountains. Even when the temperature in the Netherlands drops to freezing point, it is nice to style your outfit with a matching hat or scarf.

Aurélien's hats are incredibly soft. The material is crucial. The Merino wool with which the hats are produced is of an incredibly high quality. The fiber has a diameter of 19.5 microns. This creates the perfect look. The Aurélien hat is the ideal gift because of the nice gift packaging in which it is shipped out.

Aurélien's scarves are also characterized by the incredibly soft material with which they are produced. Just like the hats, Aurélien's scarves are developed with incredibly fine Merino Wool. With Aurélien's scarves you can create the perfect look in the winter months.

About Aurelien
Aurélien is a fashion brand that has a strong focus on timeless style, traditional craftsmanship and the finest natural materials. The Aurélien collection is characterised by pure luxury for an elegant price point. In the Aurélien collection you will find footwear, clothing and accessories for customers who have developed a refined taste. Aurélien's products embody the joie-de-vivre and are developed from the most sought-after materials, such as Cashwool and Cashmere.

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