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Polo Shirts

Quality coming to life | italian savoir-faire

A lifetime of experience

Made in Italy

To produce our first polo shirt collection, we sought out this luxury clothing factory in Italy. Our polo shirt factory is located in a small town near Como. In these regions, craftsmanship is learned through a lifetime of experience. 

Aurélien Luxury Clothing Factory
Aurélien Filo di Scozia Cotton Polo Shirts

A noble variety

Filo di scozia

The factory works with the absolute best suppliers of cotton. We wanted to fine a material that was incredibly soft, breathable and yet wore well with time. At the factory, the owner, Gianmarco, suggested to use Filo di Scozia cotton. This is a cotton yarn of the highest quality, produced exclusively from noble varieties of durable and naturally shiny extra-long staple cotton. This Egyptian cotton has an unparalleled shine and durability.