Leather and suede are natural materials with their own properties. It feels crisp, breathes and has a luxury appeal. In time, the material will become more supple and shape to the body of the wearer. Aurélien only uses extremely soft and supple calf leather. To ensure that your product will have a long lifespan, we recommend you to treat your product with a leather and suede protector spray. Such a spray can be found at most high end shoe stores.
  • While treating your product with a leather and suede protector spray, make sure you keep the spray at a distance of 40cm.
  • Dirt can be removed from suede by carefully brushing the material with a suede brush. Please note to always brush with care.
  • Please note that suede should not come in contact with water. If this happens, please dry the product at room temperature. Do not dry the product on a heat source or in the sun.
  • Your product can discolor when it is exposed to UV radiation or sunlight. To prevent this please do not leave your product in the sun.
  • Please use a dust bag to protect your product and not a plastic bag, as leather needs to breathe.
  • Our products are made with the greatest care. Because leather is a natural material, small deviations may occur in the material. Two products are never identical, that is the beauty of leather products. 

Filo Di Scozia is a yarn produced exclusively from the finest and highest quality Egyptian cotton. It has fibers over 34/36mm in length making it durable and naturally shiny. Filo Di Scozia is recognized as the best cotton in the world. After combing, twisting, gassing and mercerizing, the cotton’s natural characteristics of shine and resistance are strengthened, acquiring better absorption and non-shrinking qualities. Filo Di Scozia products are comfortable on the skin, long-lasting, silky and low-pilling, with vivid, shiny tones.
  • Please always use a coat hanger for your product to maintain its shape and fit.
  • Do not dry clean your product.
  • Do not bleach your product.
  • Please use a gentle drying process.
  • Wash your product to a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Please iron your product to medium heat.



Cashwool® is an exceptionally fine fibre (19.5 microns in diameter) sourced from selected Merino sheep bred in Australia. The secret of Cashwool® starts with the raw material: wool, selected with the utmost care, choosing only parts with a superb level of fineness and pureness. This is the only way to obtain the incredibly soft, absolutely white, light yarn that gives luminosity and fastness to every colour nuance. Cashwool® is made exclusively in Italy, in the Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia plants: its production follows a distinct process that has been designed and fine-tuned to respect a level of global quality that embraces the product, the individual and the environment.

  • Wash by hand or at 30 degrees Celsius using neutral detergent.
  • Do not dry clean your product.
  • Do not bleach your product.
  • Warm iron.
  • Please always use a coat hanger for your product to maintain its shape and fit.


    Polyamide fabric is a high-performance fabric. It has the feel of soft cotton, yet unlike cotton, it is waterproof and breathable, which helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature and wick away moisture when exercising. Polyamide fabric is washing-machine safe, but should only be washed with cold water.

    • Wash the polyamide fabric in a regular, cold water washing machine cycle, using a bleach-free laundry detergent. If a washing machine is not available, the fabric can be hand washed in cold water.
    • Allow the fabric to air dry. Do not dry the fabric using heat, as it will shrink the fabric.
    • Turn the fabric inside out. Use an iron preheated to a low heat setting to remove any wrinkles.